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Micromax+FunBook+front+view+display+screen+size.jpg (600×377)
 Installing Rom on Funbook is necessary ,
 it wolud clean up the Bloatware which Comes pre-installed in funbook,
 It is the Best Rom . I Suggest You To install this Rom.
The Most Important Is you Will get access To All of Usb Dongles.
 There are many Roms Available for Micromax Funbook ,
 I have Tried most of them, The best Rom For Funbook is This.
 It is Very Smooth, Fast & Responsive. Go For It .

Warning : Tata Photon +  Dongle Came with Funbook Won't Work After Flashing This Rom.
Flashing new Rom will Format Funbook Completely , Apps,Photos,Videos,Song...... Will get deleted Make a backup First. This process changes your Funbook Bootscreen to original ICS Booting Screen as shown above . So warranty Will Vanish , We will soon post How to install Original Funbook Stock Rom so you can Regain your Warranty Again .Stay Update With us.

 There are Many Ways to install This Rom ,
 The Easiest , Safest & Fastest Methord is this.
 This process Is very Easy ,
 Without Further QuestionsLets Get Started.
Download Live Suite:

Download Firmware : From 4Shared 210Mb

File, 40,960 KB4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part1.rarDownload
File, 40,960 KB4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part2.rarDownload
File, 40,960 KB4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part3.rarDownload
File, 40,960 KB4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part4.rarDownload
File, 40,960 KB4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part5.rarDownload
File, 18,299 KB4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part6.rar

Extract Time :

After Downloading Everything. First Extract Live suite on Your Desktop Or anywhere Which can Be Easily Access During The Process. After Extracting , You Will See a Folder Shown Below.

Now Extract Firmware archives . The Firmwares are in [.rar] Format . You can't Extract It Using Windows archive Manager. You need to Download WinRaR  It is Free Software Download It From Here . Download It According To your System.

Create A new Folder . Copy The Downloaded Firmware Archives To that New Folder .
Now Find  4.0.3-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N413.20120314.part1.rar” Right Click On it And Choose Extract Here . It will Start Extracting All The parts 1-6. After Extracting Yo can See a Disc Imaged Icon. Extracting Is Complete.

Let's Start Flashing :
 Open 'Live-suite.Exe' , After Opening You may See Like This . 

Click On Select Img >> Browse To Folder Where You have Extracted Firmware , And Choose ".img" File . After Selecting You May See Like This

 Minimize The Live suite , Don't Close It .

  Now Its Funbook Turn. You Need Minimum 80% Battery To Flash Rom.

  Shut Down Your FUnbook. While FUnbook is Switched Off Press and Hold Back Button.
  Connect it To Your PC , While Connecting Hold Back Button. Keep Pressing Back Button 
  And Press Power Button 10Times DO This Process as Fast As Possible.

  Your PC Will Detect Your Funbook . You can See Your PC is searching for Drivers.
   It Wont Be able To Detect Drivers But We Can DO it Manually.
   In Your PC's Keyboard press WIndows key+R You Will see Run Pop-up.
   Type 'devmgmt.msc' and Press Enter . Device Manager Will Open.
    You can Notice That There Is a Device Named "Unknown Device".
    Right Click On it And Choose Update Driver software. 
    Now Choose "Browse My Compluer For Driver software".
    Browse To Folder Where You Have Extracted Livesuite Folder.
 You Will see 2 Folder Named UsbDriver and UsbDrive x64.
 Choose It According To your System.

Click Next And Wait For Sometime The Driver Will be Installed 

If The Driver Installed Successfully it Will be Show Like Above Image.
As Soon As Driver Get Installed Live-suite Pop-us Like Shown Below.

Click YES , you Will See another Popup, Give YES Again. It Will start Flashing The Rom.
While Flashing Rom Live-suite Shows Like This.

After Rom Is Flashed Successfully , You will get a Pop-up Message Like Shown Below.

Click OK and Flashing Clean ICS 4.0.3 Rom Is Done!

Now Power-On Your Funbook It  Will Take About 2-5 min To boot-Up. 
Don't Get Worried It Is Your First Time Booting after Flashing Rom
You can Notice That Boot Screen Has Changed To Default android 4.0 Ics Bootscreen.
Now Your tab Will Work Very Fast , Responsive 

woahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Your Funbook Is Flashed with Clean Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwitch.

Go TO settings Of Funbook It Will Be Android 4.0.3 .


  1. hey piyush from where we found the unknown device??

    1. I Can,t Understand [ Unknown Device?? ] Mean ?

  2. and have to download all the above link?

    1. Ya Download All Files From Above Link

  3. I had exratcted part 1 and 2 through winrar an alert comes that 'insert a disk with this volume and press ok to try again or press cancle to break extraction' what should i do??

    1. Put All Parts Files To One Folder Then Open Part 1 And Then Extract .. Its working ...

  4. i had downloaded all the file... and coppied in one folder but same alert comes all the time??

  5. hey piyush how to install the STOCK ROM not CLEAN STOCK ROM because the software of my tablet is vanished tell me yrr am very furstrated.....?

    1. Download Stock Rom LiveSuite IMG From Here http://www.moulnisky.com/index.php?dir=Micromax/P300/V3_260912/&file=sun4i_crane_M701C_mmx_0914.rar

      Just Flash It...

  6. I have downloaded this file how to flash it tell me yrr?

    1. Using LiveSuite So Go Above And See Instruction

  7. I am confusing that how to install the STOCK ROM it says that press the back button and then press the power button 10 times in that time i confusing....plzzz help me yrr....

    1. dude first install livesuite driver then open liivesuite and seelectt .img rom...then put usb cable 1st in tab and press back buttom.then put usb to pc and press ur tab power butttom 10times..u get pop in ur pc..

  8. No popup will show after pressing power button....!!!

  9. I need a stock rom for funbook p300
    these stock roms does support the acceleometer senesor doesn't work

    1. Dude Support Me .. To Share My Blog With Your Friends :P
      Stock Rom Link - https://www.adrive.com/public/Bg7cSp/sun4i_crane_M701C_mmx_0914.rar

      Flash Tool Link - http://rockchipfirmware.com/sites/tntfiles/LiveSuitPack_v1.07.zip

      Guide How To Flash - http://support.moulnisky.com/index.php?dir=Micromax/00_P%20Serie/P300/Download%20Tool/&file=Flashing%20process.pdf

  10. Dude most of you links go error
    pls suggest be some good websites

    1. Index Of Micromax Stock Rom And Tools ..


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